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The activities of our Art Centre began in the mid-nineties of the last century. We started on St Andrew's Descent - we were the first on the Artists' Alley. There was even a period of time when we were thrown out of there by the police.

Then we started having exhibitions in different galleries.We worked in the Globus TVC in the centre of Kiev for twelve and a half years. That's why the gallery was called Globus. We worked continuously from 9.00 to 23.00. There were always 1100 to 1500 paintings by professional artists from 50 cities of Ukraine. In the best times the gallery was visited by a hundred thousand people a week.

Our gallery is the only one in the world with a unique entry in the Guinness Book of Records. In September 2012, during the International Aerospace Exhibition in Gostomel (Ukraine), we installed a gallery in the cargo hold of the world's largest aircraft - AN-225 "Mriy". We exhibited 500 paintings, 120 artists from 50 cities of Ukraine. On the ground, through the improvised gallery for 5 days has passed 200 000 people. "Mriy", together with the exhibition, rose to an altitude of 10150 metres. Jack Brockbank, a judge of the Guinness Book of Records, was on board and established the record. For the first time in the history of aviation and the visual arts, the gallery flew above the clouds.

We have always stayed out of politics, on the basis that art belongs to the world. We have always represented artists of different nationalities, faiths and beliefs. God has no nationalities, creeds or social status - everyone is equal before Him. We see our work as a service to the Almighty - He gives talent to people. Our main task is to preserve the school of realism, which is in danger of disappearing. We've never received any funding, any subsidies, and all that's been going on is the sale of paintings.

But hard times have come. Out of a staff of 30, only three fanatics remain. Now, while we wait for better times, we are in a small room and we continue to work, but we have difficulties paying all our bills. Sometimes there is no money to buy the basics, including food.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have the opportunity and the desire to support our activities, we would be very grateful. Better still, you can buy paintings of your choice from our online shop. We pray for all people on earth and for peace.

Yours sincerely, the Boyko family.


To support and preserve the activities of the Boyko Art Center and the Globus Gallery